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Trannys Galleries In A Sexy Mechanic’s Garage
Views: 3345 · Posted: 3 year ago

One day I drove to my car mechanic, who had been my regular mechanic for years. He is a really nice young guy in his twenties. I would have to add that he is also really good looking. If I was 10 years younger, I would definitely be lusting over him.

He is very... Click to Read More

High School Scrapbook Full Of Tranny Pictures
Views: 3869 · Posted: 3 year ago

All the other girls were into boys. Some of them were into other girls. But I belonged to none of them. I wanted to feel the boys’ parts but I didn’t really care about the rest of their bodies. There were way too many hairs on them and sweat and smelly things!

I loved... Click to Read More

Tranny Pics Got Me In The Mood
Views: 2291 · Posted: 3 year ago

I walked into a bar that night without any special reason. I had a hard few weeks at work, and I couldn’t remember the last time I went out. I just wanted to unwind and relax for one evening, and maybe pick up an easy going girl and have wild sex all night. After all, it was a Friday... Click to Read More

Tranny Pic And Train Sex
Views: 3210 · Posted: 3 year ago

I was in a train as usual, every morning the same routine: travelling 2 hours in one direction. Thank god I had my laptop with me - I was just casually browsing a few blogs when this tranny pic came up - it showed a beautiful girl, tanned, tall and mostly undressed, holding a big dildo and... Click to Read More

Tranny photos In My Mail
Views: 1092 · Posted: 3 year ago

One hot summer day I was sitting in my office and making a budget , feeling really bored and sleepy. I decided to take a break and check my mail to see if there was something interesting. Then I suddenly came across some tranny photos in my inbox and I got rather surprised. They were addressed... Click to Read More

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