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Tranny Pic And Train Sex
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I was in a train as usual, every morning the same routine: travelling 2 hours in one direction. Thank god I had my laptop with me - I was just casually browsing a few blogs when this tranny pic came up - it showed a beautiful girl, tanned, tall and mostly undressed, holding a big dildo and getting ready to undress leather pants which showed a visible bulge.

Strangely, I felt so aroused at that moment: I imagined myself being fucked viciously in the ass by her cock. I could feel an erection coming up when a girl next to me said "Hey man, I see that we have the same interests." I felt ashamed and quickly closed the screen, but the look in her eyes made me realize the incredible truth: she's a tranny! The width of her shoulders, the strong jaw line - maybe I wouldn't notice if I didn't know what to look and simply dismiss her as a woman with a strong build.

"How about you stop looking at that tranny pic and I show you the real thing?", she asked seductively and went to a bathroom. "Why not", I thought, "it's not like I have anything better to do and the train is almost empty." So I left our things and followed her in a tiny bathroom, where she kissed me and pressed her big tits against my pecs. She started rubbing her crotch against mine, and I could feel her cock getting harder.

I loosened my tie and tried to take off my pants, but with one expert move she unzipped them and started sucking my already stiff dick. I almost screamed from pleasure when I felt her soft, warm tongue touch my cock head and lick my rod. Her lips moved up and down in rhythmic motion, sending spasms of pleasure in my groin, while I watched her big tits bounce up and down slowly.

After a few minutes, she just smiled and grabbed my buttocks, while I willingly turned my back to her, letting her penetrate me from behind; the bathroom mirror gave me a good view of this big breasted goddess which was stretching my ass. She teased my hole a few times with her cock head, smearing precum and then pushed as the train approached the station.

I came as the bell sounded the end of our journey, spraying cum all over the sync. Though I encounter was brief, I could always remember the feeling of her cock up in my ass and that tranny pic that brought us together.