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Trannys Galleries In A Sexy Mechanic’S Garage

One day I drove to my car mechanic, who had been my regular mechanic for years. He is a really nice young guy in his twenties. I would have to add that he is also really good looking. If I was 10 years younger, I would definitely be lusting over him. He is very athletic, good with... Click to Read More

High School Scrapbook Full Of Tranny Pictures

All the other girls were into boys. Some of them were into other girls. But I belonged to none of them. I wanted to feel the boys’ parts but I didn’t really care about the rest of their bodies. There were way too many hairs on them and sweat and smelly things! I loved the shape... Click to Read More

Tranny Pics Got Me In The Mood

I walked into a bar that night without any special reason. I had a hard few weeks at work, and I couldn’t remember the last time I went out. I just wanted to unwind and relax for one evening, and maybe pick up an easy going girl and have wild sex all night. After all, it was a Friday night, my... Click to Read More

Tranny Pic And Train Sex

I was in a train as usual, every morning the same routine: travelling 2 hours in one direction. Thank god I had my laptop with me - I was just casually browsing a few blogs when this tranny pic came up - it showed a beautiful girl, tanned, tall and mostly undressed, holding a big dildo and getting... Click to Read More

Tranny Photos In My Mail

One hot summer day I was sitting in my office and making a budget , feeling really bored and sleepy. I decided to take a break and check my mail to see if there was something interesting. Then I suddenly came across some tranny photos in my inbox and I got rather surprised. They were addressed to me... Click to Read More

All That Fuss Over A Tranny Photo

His girlfriend was going through Tom’s wallet in order to find a credit card that he told her to take. She was a trusty girl and she never doubted Tom, but she couldn’t help and wonder who is a girl on a photo that Tom had in his wallet. There was a phone number on the back and ad address. Of... Click to Read More

Tranny Shemale Tube And Lost Suitcase

We were all getting nervous - waiting for lost luggage for hours is not exactly the definition of a perfect holiday. But a few of us were fuming, enraged by the fact that the company lost our bags in the middle of Seattle airport, and none of us could get to Hawaii in time. It was rain and... Click to Read More

Caught Watching Free Mobile Shemales

I was watching Free Mobile Shemales on my phone browser during my lunch break when the phone rang. Annoyed by the fact that someone is interrupting my free time, I answered angrily "Yes, who is it?". "Wrong number", said a female voice, "Sorry to interrupt you lunch!", and she hanged up. I... Click to Read More

XXX Tube Tranny And Office Sex

Having your own office has its advantages: I had a nice view, more room to keep my things and privacy... or so I thought. I was watching XXX Tube Tranny during my break when I got the message on office intranet. "I see that we have similar interests", the message read, "If you wanna meet a... Click to Read More

Tranny Video Clip And A Hot Ride

I am a truck driver, so I am often on the road and it can be very lonely not getting to be with my girl every night. I pick up hitchhikers, but it is not the same. However, I do get to meet various interesting people this way, and times go by faster. One time I picked up a shemale, and I... Click to Read More

I Made Tranny Sex Videos For A Living

And I wasn’t exactly proud about it, but my parents left me on the streets with no money, shelter or future. Once they learned that I want to go through with the surgery and have breast implants, they didn’t want to have anything to do with me. So I had to take the offer to do tranny sex... Click to Read More